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What's It Like Dealing Craps Or Blackjack In A Casino?

Kerching Casino's January Bonuses & Cashbacks

Cashback Mondays at Kerching Casino I could write another whole article just about what it's like to be a craps dealer and another article on what it's like to learn to be a craps dealer. When you deal dice, there's so much to learn. There are dozens, really hundreds of bets, when you add in all the various combinations that imaginative and superstitious players can throw at you: hardways, horns, hop bets, betting the don't, buying the 10, the no-10, the horn-hi-yo, the three-way, the world, the comethere's a procedure for everything. How you book bets, how you pay bets, how you set the bets up, and how you clean up the losing bets on a seven out. And then learning to be a stick man is like learning a whole new game. It's like being a carnival barker who can do calculus in his head.
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Alabama Woman's Incredibly Lucky New Year at Casino

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